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This mirror is sponsored by Your.Org.

This data is available by IPv4 and IPv6, by FTP, HTTP and rsync.

/pub/FreeBSD                     Primary FreeBSD FTP Archive
/pub/FreeBSD-Archive             Historical archive of past releases
/pub/FreeBSD-CVS                 Full CVS Repository
/pub/FreeBSD-Unofficial-Packages Unofficial locally produced packages
/pub/wikimedia                   Archives from the Wikimedia foundation
/pub/wikimedia/dumps             Wikimedia database dumps
/pub/wikimedia/images            Wikimedia raw images
/pub/wikimedia/imagedumps        Wikimedia image dumps
/pub/centos                      CentOS mirror
/pub/NetBSD                      NetBSD mirror
/pub/pkgsrc                      NetBSD pkgsrc mirror
/pub/kiwix                       Kiwix mirror

The above directories are also accessible via anonymous rsync.
Use "rsync" to see a list of rsyncable modules.